What financial help can you get?

Tuition fees

If you live in Scotland and choose to study full-time at a Scottish university or college, you will not have to pay tuition fees. But, this is not automatic – you need to apply to the Student Awards Agency Scotland (SAAS) to have your tuition fees paid for you.

Scottish students who wish to study elsewhere in the UK will be charged the standard tuition fees for their chosen course provider, but may apply for a Tuition Fee Loan to cover the costs through SAAS.

Part-time students with an individual income of up to £25,000 per year can apply for a Part-time Fee Grant (PTFG). The amount paid depends on your course.

Student loan and bursaries

You can apply for a bursary and loan to help with living costs.

The student loan (repayable) is means tested. There are different levels of support available, if you are applying as a dependent or independent student, and you don’t need to have a confirmed offer of a place at uni to start the process.

Apply to Student Awards Agency Scotland (SAAS)

Bursaries (non-repayable) are means tested using either your parents’ income, or your own household income if you are an independent student, and are available to Scottish students studying anywhere in the UK. Three bursaries are available:

Studying abroad

If studying abroad is a compulsory part of your course and is not a paid placement– you can claim certain travel costs

Disabled Students' Allowance (DSA)

DSA helps cover some of the extra study-related costs you may incur due to an impairment, mental health condition or learning difference. It's non-repayable and in addition to other student finance. 

The amount you get depends on your individual needs not your income, nor that of your parents or partner. There are some restrictions on what you may use DSA for and regional differences, so check the details carefully.

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