2014 cycle applicant figures - January deadline 2014

These statistical releases describe applicants and applications from the 2014 UCAS cycle at the 15 January deadline.
Posted Fri 31 January 2014 - 00:00

These statistical releases describe applicants and applications from the 2014 UCAS cycle at the 15 January deadline.

They cover all applicants who have applied by the January deadline - including those who applied by the earlier October deadline.

There are seven publications in this release. The first, Deadline Applicant Statistics: January, is a summary report. The remaining six January Deadline Analysis publications focus on a single analytical topic in detail.

All releases report the 2014 cycle in the context of a five cycle time series.

There is an additional analysis report,  UK application rates by country, region, constituency, sex, age and backgroundthat covers application rates.


Deadline Applicant Statistics: January

January deadline applicants in the standard format as used in the 2014 October deadline statistical release. It summarises applicants by domicile, country of institution and whether they are reapplying or not.

There were 580,000 applicants at the January deadline in 2014.


January Deadline Analysis: Domicile

Applicants by domicile group, country of the UK, English region and overseas country.

There were 489,940 applicants from the UK at the January deadline, 39,780 from other EU countries and 50,290 from countries outside the EU.


January Deadline Analysis: Sex and age

Applicants by sex, age and domicile.

At the January deadline there were 333,700 women and 246,300 men.


January Deadline Analysis: Reapplicants

Applicants by domicile group and whether they made an application last year.

56,120 applicants had also applied in the previous cycle.


January Deadline Analysis: Number of applications

Applicants by domicile and the number of applications they have made.

431,810 applicants made the maximum number of five applications.


January Deadline Analysis: Institution country and Tariff group

Applications by domicile of applicant, country of institution and Tariff group of institution.

In total, 2,553,340 applications were made.


January Deadline Analysis: Subject

Applications by domicile of applicant, and subject group of course.

UK domiciled applicants made 334,620 applications to the Subjects allied to Medicine subject group.

January 2014 deadline applicant statistics

January 2014 deadline analysis: domicile

January 2014 deadline analysis: sex and age

January 2014 deadline analysis: reapplications

January 2014 deadline analysis: applications

January 2014 deadline analysis: institutions

January 2014 deadline analysis: subjects


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