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UCAS Teacher Training: Apply 2

Apply 2 is another opportunity to submit an application for postgraduate teacher training in England and Wales. You only use Apply 2 if you didn’t get a place in Apply 1.
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How to use Apply 2
Watch this video for a step-by-step guide to using Apply 2.

How it works

  • In Apply 2, you can make one choice at a time.
  • You’ll be able to make an unlimited number of choices, but only one at a time.

During the 2016 admissions cycle, nearly 2,500 people found a teacher training place through Apply 2.
UCAS Analysis and Insights

Adding more choices

You can use Apply 2 after either you have:

  • been unsuccessful in your existing choice(s)
  • withdrawn from your existing choice(s)
  • declined your offer(s)

Like Apply 1, you can make choices for training programmes in any route. You can even choose a programme you applied for unsuccessfully in Apply 1 – if you think that’s the right way to go.

When to apply

  • Apply 2 is now available. But don't worry if you're still in Apply 1! As with Apply 1, programmes open at different times throughout the application cycle in Apply 2, so you can still search for programmes and apply later if you need to. 
  • Later in the process, most training programmes will already have opened for their first period – a minimum of two weeks. So if they’re reopening later, it might be for a briefer time, so you should keep checking to see what’s available.

How to use Apply 2

  • Use our search tool to find training programmes with vacancies – maybe think about alternative subjects or different training providers. 
  • Contact the training provider to check they're still recruiting and will consider you. Ask if there are any additional documents you can provide – including an updated personal statement – to strengthen your application.
  • Then add the choice in Track and wait for a decision from the provider – this can take up to 40 working days. We show you how to do this is our  UCAS Teacher Training Apply 2 step-by-step guide.

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