Provider dashboard navigation

The provider dashboard allows you to access your UCAS products and services. The video below outlines the basic navigation of your provider dashboard.

UCAS services available through your dashboard

To view the tiles detailed below you must be assigned access by your UCAS Primary Correspondent.

Application management

Here you can view and manage applications to your course(s). You can filter by scheme, application status, course name and reference status.

User management

Here you can view and manage users who have access to your provider(s). This is where permissions to the dashboard are assigned.

Course management

View and manage courses for your provider(s), including viewing course data statistics, making bulk updates and rollovers.

Provider management

Here you can view and manage details about your provider(s). You're able to edit all overarching provider information.

UCAS Media

Here you can see all the products your organisation can purchase


Here you can manage all RPAs, including draft, in-progress and submitted records.


Here you can view and manage applications to your courses and view applicant data.

Application and decision tracker

Here you can view the Application and Decision Tracker service, which provides you with an interactive report on UCAS decisions.

Assigning dashboard permissions

  1. Once you’ve signed into the provider section, go to your provider Dashboard
  2. Select Go to User management
  3. If the staff member isn’t listed select Add user
  4. If the staff member is listed select the View action
  5. Select the relevant permissions
  6. Press save

How to get permissions for the dashboard

Please remember to register for an account before accessing this area.

Your provider Primary Correspondent will assign you with the relevant permissions in the user management tile.