And here we go, the Lifestyle Report 2021 is here. Here’s a taste of things to come. There are five chapters to look forward to before the full report gets released: Brand & Spend, Technology & Gaming, Social Media, Entertainment, and Food & Travel. But before we get started, let’s have a little look at the state of affairs, and what’s been happening in the student psyche these past 12 months...

Movers and shakers

When it comes to brand loyalties, students don’t pull any punches. They vote with their feet, and when their favourite brand does something unethical, those feet head straight to the exit. Except, sometimes, if the prices are low enough...

Well why wouldn't I buy it?

There are fewer cocktails more attractive to brands than spontaneous spending, and students certainly offer their fair share. But, underneath the retail therapy, is a growing checklist of reasons not to buy.

Social media see-saw

2020 spoiled us for social media. TikTok’s boom. Clubhouse’s launch.

But, at least for now, nothing is challenging the dominance of Instagram among students. And nothing is stopping Facebook’s freefall.