Teachers and Advisers: talking about apprenticeships

It's always a great time to educate students on the pathway that combines education, experience and salary, all under one roof.

Why talk about apprenticeships?

Did you know that 30% of apprentices around the UK had no knowledge of the apprenticeships available until year 13? That’s something we’re looking to change at UCAS, and where better to start than the classroom...

We’ve created some easy-to-use downloadable slides below that you can use in your classroom, or even at home, to educate young students interested in their options after school or college.

These slides offer information on the benefits and how to apply for apprenticeships, as well as important data to give you insights on what's happening in the world of apprenticeships.

How to find and apply for an apprenticeship

Show students how to find and apply for apprenticeships

Current apprentices and recruiters from Amazon, Royal Navy, BT and University of the West of England Bristol talk to the team at UCAS through the process of finding, applying, and working as an apprentice in the UK. 

Search for an apprenticeship

Discover apprenticeship industries

Ready to start exploring industries that involve apprenticeships with students? Head to our industry guides and find out what apprenticeships are out there.

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