All the questions to ask at a UCAS event

At UCAS Discovery, you can speak to our experts to help you decide on your next steps.

We can connect you with the right people to help you find out about traditional degrees, apprenticeships, careers, and more. So, by the end of the day, you’ll be walking away with all the info you need to make an informed decision.

Here’s all the questions you can ask universities, colleges, employers, training providers, and careers advisers at the event.

Questions about traditional degrees

To find out whether you’d be happy studying the course, and whether it would suit your learning style.
  • How is this course taught and what will my typical week look like?
  • How often, and what type of work, will I be assessed on? E.g., group projects, coursework, and exams
  • What support is available if I’m finding the jump from A Levels to a degree tough?
  • What are my career prospects once I’ve graduated? What have your former students gone on to do?
  • Do you offer careers information and guidance for your students?
  • What industry experience do the tutors and mentors have?
  • I’m not 100% sure on every module on the course, should I choose it anyway?
  • Do you think this course would suit someone who wants to go into (X) career?

Questions about apprenticeships

To find out if an apprenticeship would suit you and what support you'd get

Remember that the tutors and mentors want you to be a part of their class or team as much as you do. Don’t say yes to anything before finding out whether it deserves to have you! Think of this part like a job interview, you’re assessing them as much as they’re assessing you. Here are some great questions to determine the quality of the course or apprenticeship you’re considering and whether it can offer you something others can’t

  • What kind of apprenticeships do you offer?
  • What support do you offer apprentices?
  • How does the learning aspect of the apprenticeship work and what qualification will I get at the end?
  • Do I need to have studied any relevant subjects when applying for an apprenticeship?
  • What are my career prospects at the end of an apprenticeship?
  • •    What kind of things are you looking for in an applicant?

Hannah, UCAS Discovery attendee (now apprentice at IBM)

Think about subjects you like at school or careers you’re interested in to help choose who to speak to. Pick at least three exhibitors you’re interested in speaking to when you get there and go in with an open mind. Speak to employers as well as traditional unis and colleges.

Questions about accommodation and finance

To find out where you'd live and how much things will cost

These are the make-or-break questions. You love the place, their style, the facilities, and you even get free parking on-site. Boom. But now you really need to know if you’ll fit in. Be bold and get ready to ask these questions:

  • Are there any scholarships or bursaries on offer?
  • What are the accommodation options available?
  • Do you support students to get part-time jobs?
  • What support are you offering students to help with the cost of living?
  • What’s the cost of living in (location) like?

Questions about lifestyle

To find out what the lifestyle is like and how you'll make friends
  • What facilities do you have for students/apprentices?
  • What is the nightlife like?
  • What societies and clubs do you have for making friends?
  • What is the city like to live in/what are the campuses like?

Anna, UCAS Discovery attendee (now student at Staffordshire University)

Research the different paths you could take to get to your dream career. Don’t limit yourself to just speaking to universities, look at colleges, employers and apprenticeship providers too. Speak to anyone and everyone who you think is even loosely connected to the industry you want to go into; they might know more than you think