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Apply 2 is now available

If you’ve applied through UCAS Teacher training and you're not holding any offers in Apply 1, you can now use Apply 2 to apply for a training programme. Find out more about Apply 2.

Balancing your work and studies

As long as it doesn’t take up too much study time, finding a part-time job can be a great idea. Find out how to find a job and get the balance right.
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How to get the balance right

Just don’t take on too many hours of employment – it’s not worth feeling too tired or under pressure while you’re studying. Most training providers recommend less than 15 hours a week, so make sure it’s flexible and can be scheduled around your lecture timetable.

How to find a job

For starters make sure it’s a safe job, and if it’s a large company, check whether you can work in your home time during the holidays too.

  • Check employment agencies and job adverts online and in newspapers, or student jobsites.
  • Retail is a popular choice because it can offer flexible hours – or try something like admin, restaurants, bars, telesales or market research.

Check the tax details

Each tax year, you can earn an amount of money you don’t pay any tax on. This is called your ‘personal allowance’ and by working part-time you might stay under the limit – so no tax!

Any funding you receive shouldn’t be taxed either – nor should it be counted towards your personal allowance.