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Issue with UCAS Undergraduate Track updates now resolved

Recently, some applicants experienced an issue with updates not displaying in UCAS Undergraduate Track – this has now been resolved. If you were affected by this issue, please sign in to Track to see your updated application.

UCAS Undergraduate: your consumer rights

Find out about the information a uni or college is required to give you, before you make a decision about accepting an offer of a place.
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Information you need to have

To help you make an informed decision about accepting an offer of a place on a course, the university or college is required to make information available to you under consumer protection legislation. You can find out more about this on the Competition and Markets Authority website.

This should include information about:

  • the course, including the title, duration, core modules, and an indication of likely optional modules. It should also include the award to be received on completion of the course, whether the course is accredited e.g. by a professional, statutory and regulatory body and, if different from the university or college, which organisation accredits the degree programme or course
  • costs, including tuition fees and other relevant costs such as for field trips or specialist equipment required for the course
  • how to make payments to the university or college
  • their complaints handling process
  • your right to cancel your contract with them should you change your mind about accepting their offer
  • the university or college’s terms and conditions, as well as rules and regulations regarding student conduct, which explain your rights and obligations to the university or college and their obligations to you, as a student at their institution

You should read and understand this information before making a decision about accepting an offer, as this is likely to form the terms and conditions of the contract between yourself and the university or college, if you enrol on their course.

If you have not received this information, or if you are not clear about the information you have received, you should contact the university or college to ask for further advice.

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