When to apply

Application deadlines

Your application should be with us at UCAS by one of these dates – depending on what course you apply for:

  • 15 October at 18:00* for the universities of Oxford, Cambridge or most courses in medicine, veterinary medicine/science and dentistry. 
  • 15 January at 18:00* for the majority of courses
  • 24 March at 18:00* for some art and design courses
  • 30 June at 18:00* is the deadline to submit your application with choices. After this you're entered into Clearing

*UK time

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What needs to be done by these dates?

  1. Make sure your completed application reaches us.
  2. Your reference is included.
  3. You've paid your application fee.

Leave yourself plenty of time to do everything

  • You might need time to sort out any problems your teachers or advisers point out.
  • Schools and colleges sometimes give you earlier deadlines to fill in your application than ours – this is to make sure they can write your reference and send your application to us on time.
  • If you're applying as an independent applicant (not through a school), we recommend you ask your referee to complete your reference well in advance of the deadline to avoid any delays.

Also remember to look into student finance. It's a separate application to your UCAS one, so if you're applying for any loans or support make sure you know what you need to do and when.

Early start dates

If you're applying for courses starting between January and May you might need to apply earlier than for courses with the more typical start dates of September/October.

  • This kind of variation in course start dates can affect deadlines, so get in touch with the university or college to make sure.
  • You can add further choices with more typical start dates to your application later on, (as long as you haven't yet accepted any offers), but if you're interested in any courses with earlier start dates, make sure you don't miss any of the earlier deadlines.

Late applications

If you miss your deadline, most universities and colleges will still look at your application if they have vacancies left on the course you apply for, but there are no guarantees.

  • Late applications can be sent up to 18:00 30 June.
  • We recommend you ask the university or college if you're allowed to apply late – especially for courses with a 15 October deadline, as it's unusual for them to consider late applications because theIr courses are really competitive.

Taking a year out

If you decide to take a year out you can still apply now and defer your start date by a year.

  • This way you can get all your results confirmed and hopefully receive an unconditional offer for the following year.
  • If you're applying for deferred entry in 2015 you'll still need to meet the relevant deadlines and meet any offer conditions by 31 August 2014 (or if you're applying for deferred entry in 2016 you need to meet offer conditions by 31 August 2015). Then you'd be free to enjoy your year out without worrying about your application!
  • However, make sure you check with the university or college that they're happy to consider an application for deferred entry – otherwise your choice might be wasted.

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