Task your students with this true or false quiz, designed to help debunk many of the myths about going to university.

This is a worksheet-based activity which aims to help dispel some of the myths that surround university. Students can complete the activity individually, in pairs, or as a group. 

To follow the activity, each student will need a copy of our worksheet, below.

Use our teacher notes to guide the discussion, find additional resources, ways to adapt this for different year groups, and some follow-on activities for students.

At a glance

  • Suggested age group: 14 – 16
  • Activity type: Worksheet-based discussion
  • Subject setting: Form or tutor time, careers education, general studies

Learning objectives

  • De-bunk common myths about going to university that might put students off applying.
  • Ensure that students do not feel there are any barriers to them going to university.


  1. Ice-breaker activity: get students to share the funniest/silliest myth they have heard about going to university or what they generally know about universities.
  2. Distribute the worksheet, asking students to concentrate on the first side only. Ask students to decide whether they think the statements are true or false.
  3. Ask students to discuss the rationale for their decision with their partner or group.
  4. Ask students to turn over the page to see the answers and check if they were right or not.
  5. Feed back as a whole class and ascertain which statements were most often answered incorrectly.