Start researching degree courses

This video-led lesson activity will get your students started with searching for degree courses.

Ease your students into thinking about university and encourage them to search for courses using this quick and easy class activity.

To follow the activity, each student will need a copy of our one-page worksheet, below. Use our teacher notes to guide the discussion, find additional resources, ways to adapt this for different year groups and some follow-on activities for students.

Download the student worksheet (144.19 KB) and teacher notes (203.02 KB) 

At a glance

Suggested age group: 16 — 18
Activity type: Video and worksheet-based discussion
Subject setting: Form or tutor-time, careers education, general studies

Learning objectives

Enable your students to ascertain the most important aspects of a university and course for them, helping them to:

  • effectively search for courses that fit in with their chosen criteria
  • feel confident they're making an informed decision


  1. Ice-breaker activity: Give students two minutes to discuss in pairs what they think is important to them when choosing a university course, then feed back to the class as a whole.
  2. Watch this short video clip, where current students talk about what was important to them when choosing their university course.
  3. Complete the worksheet, asking students to discuss their results with their neighbour.
  4. Go round the class asking which word students had put down to describe how they would be feeling about going to university. Some students could be asked to elaborate on why they feel like this to delve deeper into any nerves and allay any fears.
  5. If there are ICT facilities available, students can search for courses