Giving you insights into the level of demand for student accommodation, past, present and future - UniAI - University Accommodation Insights.

Designed using historical UCAS data, trends and patterns, UniAI forecasts student demand by city over the next five years, helping to inform your planning strategy.

And now, it even splits those volumes by international and domestic students, helping you to gain overall understanding of the market. 

700,000 students a year apply to undergraduate higher education in the UK through UCAS.

Each is asked to indicate if they will require student accommodation during their first year of study.

There is no other source which is as comprehensive.

In the last five years there have been a number of high-profile student accommodation resource issues, which have led to significant inconvenience and upheaval for students at a key stage in their higher education journey.

UniAI can help inform the strategies that will ensure the adequate provision of suitable accommodation for students by forecasting where the demand will be over the next 5 cycles.


Use a trusted, unrivalled source of applicant data to get ahead.

As the gateway to undergraduate higher education in the UK, UCAS is trusted to support hundreds of thousands of students every year to take their next steps, connecting them with relevant organisations throughout their student journey.