1. 29 Jul

    June deadline data – and what it means for accommodation providers

    Join David Penny, Interim Chief Marketing Officer and Ben Jordan, Head of Policy, as they delve into the following key topics in preparation for Clearing 2024:

    - Insights from the 30 June deadline data

    - Expectations for Confirmation & Clearing this year


  2. 11 Oct

    What does student marketing look like in 23/24?

    Hosted by The Property Marketing Strategists, Matthew Winter, Head of Lettings at University Quarter, our own Ollie Wells, Customer Success Director, and David Tarbuck, Customer Manager, discussed:

    • planning the marketing strategy for the 23/24 season
    • how the headlines around accommodation shortages impact advertising student accommodation
    • how the cost of living situation will feature in marketing messages for the coming year


  3. 27 Sep

    A look back at the year gone by – what have we learnt about student accommodation marketing?

    During the session, Deenie Lee, The Property Marketing Strategists, joined by our own Stephen Cleal, Key Customer Manager, Tuely Robins, Head of Insight at Student Crowd, Peter Eley from the University of Law and Jonathon Hall, Marketing Manager at Host Students discussed:

    • what patterns the accommodation sector has seen from our customers over the past year
    • the headlines around accommodation shortages, meeting occupancy, and the potential future of student accommodation
    • marketing tips for the next academic year


  4. 02 Aug

    Student panel: spends and trends – what is important to gen Z?

    During the session Deenie Lee, The Property Marketing Strategists, joined by Ollie Wells, Customer Success Director, Mike Adams, Principal Insight Consultant and our panel of students provided some candid insight into: 

    • what is important to gen Z, how do you engage them and what turns them off from your brand? 
    • How the cost-of-living situation has changed student spending.
    • What students value in the home and how best to optimise your spend to reach this savvy audience.


  5. 19 Jul

    UCAS Q&A – student accommodation focus

    During the session Ollie Wells, joined by Ben Jordan, Head of Policy, Pete Milsom, Partnerships Manager and Sunil Parshotam, Customer Success Manager talked all things student accommodation,  delving into the impact of policy, apprenticeships, and education around accommodation for students. Our fantastic panel demystified the stories, assumptions, and data, to help you make better-informed decisions.


  6. 05 Jul

    Digital trends in student accommodation marketing

    During the session Sarah and Deenie, The Property Marketing Strategists, joined by UCAS’s Hannah Buchanan and Steph Butcher, along with Phil Price at Generation Estates and Matthew Horne at University of Newcastle discussed all things innovation, ROI, campaigns and brand awareness:

    • what campaigns really work and how can digital support non-digital campaigns,
    • reporting marketing KPIs and how this has changed,
    • what can the student accommodation sector learn from other industries?


  7. 21 Jun

    Now is the time to think about marketing your student accommodation for Clearing

    During the session Sarah and Deenie, The Property Marketing Strategists, joined by Stephen Cleal, Key Customer Manager and Rebecca Hopwood, Head of Customer Growth – Education at UCAS, Raman Sarpal, FCIM from Anglia Ruskin University and Rosie Hill, Head of Marketing at Nido discussed all things Clearing, student accommodation and marketing:

    • do you wait and see until the end of August or spend your marketing budget now?
    • What might Clearing this year look like?
    • How does it/should it impact marketing student accommodation?


  8. 21 May

    Journey to a Million – the voice of the students

    During the session Sarah Canning, The Property Marketing Strategists, joined by Katie O’Neill, Associate at Knight Frank, Stuart Henderson, Director of Operations at MYS Living and our own Ollie Wells, Customer Success Director and Ben Jordan, Head of Policy, discussed:

    • the implications of Journey to a Million for the accommodation sector,
    • the biggest challenges facing the accommodation sector for 2030 - including supply & demand, affordability and increase in apprenticeships and part-time courses post 2030. 
    • what operators can do to prepare for the peak and then decline.

    You can also read more on the Journey to a Million essay series and the five big challenges that we face.


  9. 18 May

    It’s not all rosy. How to market in cities where supply and demand is not in your favour.

    During this session Sarah and Deenie, The Property Marketing Strategists, Richard Ward, Head of Research at StuRents, Shaan Clarke, Marketing Director at Collegiate UK and our own Ollie Wells discussed:

    the problem cities of 2023 and how to navigate them,

    • the problem cities of 2023 and how to navigate them,
    • the imbalance between supply and demand and why we are seeing this,
    • how UCAS supported Collegiate UK in filling their more challenging cities.