Take a look at our paid impressions rates though Clearing 2023 and you will see it pays to make the right impression.
Clearing display ad impressions were up by 66% vs 2022, mostly driven by the Hub placements and premium content pages.
Overall our Clearing display ads generated over 112,000 clicks – the biggest increases vs last year are across sponsored content links, premium content pages and Hub ads.
Clearing homepage ads drove the highest CTR at 0.69% on average vs 0.64% last year.
  • Education Clearing emails sent during August have achieved a 50% open rate on average.
  • SQA and JCQ results day emails saw the highest click rates across August at 3.9% and 3.3% respectively.
  • Our paid media ads generated just over 88m impressions and over half a million clicks.
Paid media CTRs were highest on the first day the ads went live, plus JCQ results day and the day following JCQ results day.
Meta ads achieved CTRs as high as 4%, with the average CTR at 0.51%.
The highest overall CTR across the Clearing paid media channels was for Snapchat, at 0.98%.