Entering A levels and AS levels on your UCAS application

Thursday 19 December 2019, UCAS advice


Entering A levels and AS levels on your UCAS application


When filling in your application, one part you may need a little extra help with is entering your AS and A levels. In this blog post, we’ve compiled some of your frequently asked questions to help you complete this section! 

Where do I find the option for AS and A levels on the application?
Once you've added your school/college in the Education section of the application, you'll then have the option to ‘add qualifications'.

Type the name of your qualification into the search box, or select it from the shortlist if you school/college has created one.

Do I need to add my AS levels on the UCAS application?
If you’ve taken an AS level then yes – the unis want to see the grade you received for it. Although AS levels may not be included in entry requirements for a course, they will still add value to your application.

Do I need to include my modules?

It's optional, so it's entirely up to you whether you mention them. However, some universities may state in their entry requirements that they'd like to see module results – in which case make sure you include them on the application.

I'm resitting an A level through my school but I no longer study there. How do I enter this on my application?

You need to make sure your original A level result has been entered first. 

If you're resitting the exam at your previous school/college, you then need to add the school/college a second time on your application However, you just need to state your attendance dates as the dates between which you will be taking the resits – e.g. June 2017 to June 2017. You also need to indicate that your attendance is part-time. You can then enter the A level as pending, under the second entry for the school/college.

If you have any questions about entering your qualifications, check out all the advice on ucas.com or ask our advisers on Facebook or Twitter.

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