What inspired my passion for medicine?

Wednesday 4 March 2020, UCAS advice


What inspired my passion for medicine?


Throughout high school, I knew I had a passion for science. I was never satisfied with simply accepting facts; but instead, and on reflection most likely to the annoyance of my teachers trying to rattle through the GCSE specifications, I was more interested in the whys and hows. Now, of course, this doesn’t immediately narrow things down to Medicine, but at this point I knew I wanted to pursue science. In year 11, I embarked on a two week work experience placement at a local GP Practice, with the intentions of exploring the possibility of a career in medicine. If I had to isolate one single experience that confirmed my desire to study medicine, it was this. While the placement highlighted the immense challenges faced by doctors, in an underfunded and overstretched health service, I was inspired by their commitment, knowledge and passion for their work. It seemed clear that medicine, at least for me, would be the best discipline into which to extend by curiosity in science. Not only is the human body the most complex system in the whole of science, and therefore its study providing a lifetime of questions and challenges, but understanding its intricacies is applied directly to improve the lives of so many.

So, after tackling the application process, including the dreaded admissions testing and interviews, I was very fortunate to be offered a conditional place to read medicine at Oxford. The highlight of the course so far? Well, I’d be hard pushed to single out one single experience. The whole transition to university life, although with its own challenges, was great fun. The tutorials are something I look forward to each week, they’re great opportunities to expand your own learning and question some of the very best in that discipline. Practical’s are also incredibly interesting; recently dissecting a chick embryo and watching its heart beat under a microscope really highlighted how miraculous, fragile and the beauty of life.

Looking forward, I still have no idea what I want to specialise in, but the good news is there’s an awful lot of time to make this decision. But I know I can look forward to remaining challenged and stimulated for a long time to come.