Why I love dentistry

Monday 24 February 2020, UCAS advice


Why I love dentistry


During my work experience at dental practices in the past, I soon realised the passion I had for studying the subject. I was intrigued by the dentist’s ability to improve peoples’ lives whether it was a short-term or a long-term relief. I liked how the dentist would interact with the patients in order to develop a professional relationship over time. I always knew that I wanted to enter a profession where I could work closely with people as well as being able to make a change and improve their self-confidence. Dentistry would be a profession to allow me to do this. I have always enjoyed carrying out hands-on tasks such as making objects and again, dentistry would be a course to help further that!

So far it has been a whirlwind of a semester at Sheffield University! I have enjoyed getting to know my colleagues in my year and adapting to living in a different city. I am fortunate to have had hands-on experience in human body dissections, where I have been able to see the anatomy of the body and apply the theory behind it. I’ve enjoyed spending some time on clinic where we have had sessions on impression taking, digital imaging techniques, and clinical history takings on each other!

Currently, I haven’t had the full exposure of the different fields in dentistry. Although, I am looking forward to gaining more experience in restorative dentistry in the coming years.