These statistical releases describe applicants and applications from the 2019 UCAS Undergraduate cycle at the 30 June deadline. All the PDFs and CSVs can be found underneath the interactive tool below.

This release includes reports in the same format as previous cycles, covering different characteristics of applicants (including domicile, age, and sex) and provision type (including country of provider and subject) and new reports covering Indices of Multiple Deprivation (IMD) or Multiple Deprivation Measure (MDM) for each UK country. In addition to the PDFs we’ve produced CSV files containing the data reported within these releases and an interactive tool to explore the data.

For this cycle, we have also introduced a new subject report using the Common Aggregation Hierarchy (CAH). This new report groups 2019 cycle courses using their Higher Education Classification of Subjects (HECoS) codes into the CAH.

We have produced a subset of the sector reports for applicants to nursing courses (within subject group ‘B7’). These reports include applicants who have made at least one choice to a ‘B7’ nursing course. The CSV files for these reports do not contain rows for which the value rounds to zero. This is to avoid identification of small numbers.