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Agriculture, Horticulture and Animal Care

This category includes agriculture, aquaculture, livestock and animal care, horticulture, forestry, and environmental conservation.

Art, Media and Publishing

This category includes visual and performing arts, design, media production, publishing, and library and museum services.

Business, Administration and Law

This category includes business administration and management, finance, marketing, sales, and legal services.

Construction, Planning and the Built Environment

This category includes architecture, building planning, surveying, skilled construction and finishing trades, and equipment operation.

Education and Training

This category includes education administration and assessment, teaching, lecturing, and student assistance.

Health, Public Services and Care

This category includes medicine, dentistry, nursing, health and social care, and government services.

Information Technology

This category includes information and communication systems administration, development, and user support.

Manufacturing and Production

This category includes material processing, goods production, assembly work, and industrial machinery operation.

Sales, Hospitality and Services

This category includes accommodation, food and beverage services, sales, sport, recreation, and other services.

Science, Engineering and Mathematics

This category includes physical, biological, and social sciences, engineering and technology, and mathematics.

Transportation and Warehousing

This category includes transport equipment maintenance, freight and passenger transportation, logistics, and storage operations.