Cambridge Technicals

Facts about Cambridge Technicals: who they are for and what subjects are available.

Personal statement advice: music

Writing a personal statement for music? Whether your musical interests lie in performance or music history, think engaging, detailed, and relevant to strike the right note with music admissions tutors.

Multichannel campaigns

Reach the right students on the right channels. We’re one of the biggest education sites in the UK – we're ahead of Google when it comes to students seeking information about higher education options.

Scholarships, grants, and bursaries: EU and international students

With world renowned teaching, research, and facilities – as well as a rich historical and cultural heritage, UK is one of the most popular study destinations for international students from around the globe and hosts hundreds of thousand international students annually.

Paid Social & Search Campaigns

We run targeted campaigns across a mix of paid media platforms from Google to TikTok, so you can be confident of better brand awareness, student engagement and ROI for your business.

Fill your accommodation

From targeted paid social campaigns to integrated multichannel delivery we can support your annual campaign plans and help you get your living space noticed.

How does distance learning work?

Discover how distance learning works if you’re studying a degree remotely, from applying to teaching and exams. Plus, see what support is available from tutors and other students.

How to write a cover letter

Why is a cover letter important, and what should you say in yours? Make the right impression with our tips and examples.

Our products and services

Take advantage of UCAS' unique access to students to market your products, services and opportunities to the people who'll want them the most.

Student marketing for brands

Connect with one of the UK’s largest and most responsive youth audiences via our trusted brand. We understand who students are and what they're interested in buying. Gain loyal new customers by using our data insights to reach them.

T Levels

Facts about T Levels: what's involved in studying them, how they are assessed, and how long they take to complete.

What is UCAS?

UCAS, the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service is an independent charity and the UK's shared admissions service for higher education.

Why are we obsessed with the Journey to a Million applicants?

Clare Marchant, Chief Executive of UCAS, introduces our collection of essays, created in collaboration with Unite Students and Knight Frank, highlighting the challenges and opportunities the Journey to a Million higher education applicants poses both to the education sector and UK PLC.