Project Next Generation

Students are mapping out their futures earlier than ever. But younger audiences often lack the guidance they need to make informed choices. That's where Project Next Generation comes in.
This in-depth study of 13 – 17 year olds delves into how young people shape their futures, from subject choices to career paths. Our goal? To empower universities, colleges, and employers with the insights they need to deliver support and inspire young decision-makers across the UK.
The report spotlights six key themes: happiness, empowerment, inspiration, confidence, experience, and control. Stay tuned for more reports landing between November and May.

Connect with the next generation

Our research indicates that young people are looking for more information from you. If you’d like to connect with them and build your brand recognition and raise awareness of your higher education and careers opportunities early please get in touch.

With over 1.5m students registering with UCAS each year to explore their next steps, UCAS is uniquely placed to help you connect with the next generation.

Higher education providers


Who, and what, are the true sources of influence upon the crucial deliberations that occur between Year 9 and the moment students leave school?

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