Hundreds of universities, employers and commercial brands exhibit at our UCAS/Discovery events every year. Our in-person events attract thousands of students, parents and teachers. Get noticed, share advice and start advice as young people explore their future options.
Over 150,000 people
viisted our events across the UK. Ready to explore opportunties, ask questions and make connections. 
95% of attendees
found a university, college, or employer they would be interested in applying to

Reach the right audience

Our unrivalled relationships with thousands of schools, teachers and parents across the UK, means attendance at our UCAS/Discovery events is strong. The content and experience we provide is trusted and valued by these audiences. 

Young people have a fantastic opportunity for exploring post-18 education, careers and life. Our exhibitors can reach students early in the decision-making process. That's great news -whether you're a higher education apprenticeship provider looking for top talent, or a commercial brand eager to reach your next generation of customers.

High quality lead generation

In 2021, universities and colleges gained on average 236 student leads from UCAS events.

Make a lasting connection

Exhibiting at our events is about more than just having a stand for the day. We can help you make a real connection with students by: 

  • Building awareness of your brand or organisation before they attend
  • Supporting face-to-face and other engagement while they're at the event
  • Continuing the conversation afterwards 

We offer a range of innovative marketing to enhance the experience you offer. Our events run across the student decision-making cycle - meaning that you can build a connection over time at multiple events

Benefit from unique insights

Our unrivalled relationship with students means that we not only know about the people who come to our exhibitions - what they're intereseted in and what future options they're considering - but what they actually go on to do next. This allows us to: 

  • offer insights into their entire journey 
  • expertly advise on how to reach, engage and stay connected with them
  • raise awareness amongst a wider audience or target students based on their preferences and application status 

Whatever your own recruitment and placement targets, we're perfectly placed to help you achieve them. 

Discover more

Explore the fantastic brand awareness opportunities we offer for your type of organisation below.

Exhibiting as a university or college

We run the go-to events for young people researching their post-school/college options. They're your chance to showcase your university or college and everything it has to offer to the exact audience you need to reach.

Exhibiting as a commercial brand

Our events attract tens of thousands of future students and apprentices every year. Align your organisation with our trusted brand and be in the same space as key employers, industry experts and higher education providers.