With a mix of large flagship events and locally focused exhibitions across the UK, you can target your perfect audience in the locations most important to you.

Booking details for 2024 UCAS Discovery events

The booking window for autumn UCAS Discovery events is now open. Bookings can be made via the eNet

Please ensure primary bookers use their individual work email addresses rather than shared mailbox email addresses.

Previous exhibitors

Please log into Enet > Account > Order management > Stand order > New stand, then proceed by following the prompts and choose your desired event location for booking.

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New exhibitors

If you have not previously exhibited at a UCAS Discovery event, please email the team on eventssales@ucas.ac.uk to recieve a unique booking link.

Further information on UCAS Discovery 2025 events bookings will be released in summer 2024.

2023 Statistics
"Over 77% of UCAS Discovery event attendees submitted UCAS applications in 2024"

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The dates for 2024 UCAS events can be found below. 

Dates for 2025 UCAS events will be released later in the year, keep an eye our for updates.

Events Calendar 2024

From flagship events to smaller, locally focused exhibitions, we visit more than 40 towns and cities across the UK, offering hundreds of universities, employers, and commercial brands the opportunity to connect face-to-face with thousands of enthusiastic students, parents, and teachers actively seeking future options.

Exhibit across the UK

We visit more than 40 towns and cities across the UK, over 9 months, providing an incredible opportunity for you to reach tens of thousands of young people. We host three types of event: Premium, Shell and Campus.

Premium Events: Our flagship exhibitions, held in Birmingham, London and Manchester, attracting over 12,000 students per event.

Shell events: Our regional exhibitions, hosted in key towns and cities across the UK, attracting between 2,000 and 7,000 student attendees per event.

Campus events: Our smaller venue and campus-based events, held at college and university locations, attracting up to 7,000 student attendees per event.

Event Statistics

"740 student leads on average for education exhibitors using UCAS data scanning services at 2023 events."

Our UCAS Discovery events in numbers

Take a look at what our 2023 event season looked like.
Over 155k attendees
at our last full round of UCAS 2023 Discovery events, with an 11% increase in flagship event attendance.
Over 10,000 advisers
visited UCAS Discovery events, generating a 12% increase in adviser rating.
Over 40 events
took place across various regions throughout the UK, enabling all students to reach a UCAS Discovery event within 60 minutes.
Over 4,050 schools
attended our UCAS Discovery events with their students.
Over 260 Universities and Colleges
exhibited at our 2023/24 UCAS Discovery events, showcasing their course portfolio.
Over 30 Employers and Industry Organisations
exhibited at our 2023/24 UCAS Discovery events, promoting their apprenticeships, career options, brands and products.
Event Statistics
"95% of student attendees found a university, college or employer they'd like to apply to."

The power of UCAS Events

Young people crave the chance to communicate face-to-face. UCAS events allow you to do just that. Our Discovery days bring together HE providers, employers and industry/commercial brands and organisations to provide students with a wealth of knowledge and opportunities to assist with their future decision-making. Students can find out about traditional degrees, apprenticeships, careers, and much more. 

Start new conversations, answer their burning questions and generate more leads.

Student Feedback
Students wish they'd had more information before the event on which providers were exhibiting.

Marketing and Sponsorship Opportunities

Bring your brand to the forefront of students' minds before they visit your stand, and carry on the conversation once you've had that initial engagement with them. We have a great selection of marketing and sponsorship opportunities to get your brand in front of the right students at the right time, before, during and after the events.

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