UCAS Progress: parents and carers

Information for parents and carers about the opportunities for post-16 education and training, plus FAQs to help you support your son or daughter.
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Education and training

Young people in England now have to continue in some form of education or training until they are 18. In Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland students have to stay in school until they are 16.

Wherever they are, we’re here to help them make the best next step.

Choosing wisely 

There are lots of different ways for your child to train or continue their education. It's important they decide on a direction that's right for them. For many young people, making their post-16 choices is the first time they make important decisions which affect their future.

To help students we’ve put together some information and advice so that they can make informed choices and get ready to search for courses and make their applications.

How you can help

Many young people feel confused and get stuck because they're not sure what to do. It's often a big challenge and your child might need your support to help them choose well.  Here you can find advice on how parents can help.

Be aware of what needs to happen and when what needs to happen and when. Remember your child’s school is responsible for providing them with impartial careers information and guidance. 

Parents and carers FAQs

  • My son/daughter’s school is not using UCAS Progress, can they still apply through the website?

    Yes, if you’ve checked with their school and they’re not using UCAS Progress, then students have the option to self-register. To find out how to do this watch our video guide on self-registration.

  • My son/daughter’s username and password are incorrect. What can we do?

    If they’ve registered an email address on their account, please use the forgotten password page – this will send an email enabling them to reset their password.

    If they haven’t yet added an email address to their account, their teacher or adviser can reset it for them, or you can contact the UCAS Progress Support Team (we may need to speak to your child to reset this over the phone).

  • My son/daughter’s account has been locked. How do we unlock it?

    Accounts will lock if the password is entered incorrectly too many times. If this happens please contact your child’s school to have it unlocked. If they have self-registered, please contact the UCAS Progress Support Team.

  • How do we send the application to a provider?

    Once your child has completed their profile and added courses to their favourites, they need to go to the applications tab and click the blue ‘Start new application’ button.

    They can then choose where they want to apply to and the courses they would like to study. They can only send one application to each provider, so they need to add all of the courses they might want to study to the application.

  • What if there is no applications tab?

    UCAS Progress is designed for Year 11 students to make applications and will not allow other year groups to apply. If the applications tab is not showing it may mean your child has been listed in an incorrect year group.

    If this is a self-registered account, your son or daughter can edit this in the personal information section. To do this, select Year 11 from the drop-down menu and click save at the bottom of the page – the applications tab will then appear.

  • How many courses can my son/daughter apply for?

    They can add as many choices as they want to an application. If they are undecided whether they want to do, for example, four A levels or an apprenticeship, they can add all their courses to the same application and discuss their options with the provider at a later date. 

  • How does my son/daughter add references?
    • Applications can be sent without a reference, as these can be added at a later stage.
    • If the account was created by their school, it will add the reference on UCAS Progress.
    • If your son or daughter has self-registered, the school will be unable to add a reference on UCAS Progress. The provider they are applying to will contact your son or daughter’s school directly to obtain it. Please ensure your son or daughter’s school is mentioned in their personal statement if it was not on the original list when they created the account.
  • What is the closing date for applications?

    UCAS Progress does not set any deadlines for applications, closing dates vary depending on the school, college or local authority you are applying to. If you’re unsure, please contact the provider for this information.

  • What does ‘awaiting profile completion’ mean?

    If your son or daughter has submitted an application and the status is ‘awaiting profile completion’ this means their school needs to add their qualifications or approve their profile. Their application will be sent when these are complete.

    If you’re concerned, please contact their school.

  • My son/daughter would like to change the courses they applied for. Is this possible?

    They cannot edit their application once it has been submitted. However, if they want to change their courses or update their profile they can withdraw the application and send another one.

    Or they can send the provider a message on the application page detailing the changes they would like to make. Check with the provider before doing this to make sure they are still accepting applications.