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Moving for university is a huge step for any student. Whether they’re from the UK or overseas, they’re full of questions:

  • What’s the city like to live in?
  • What accommodation is available and how do I book it?
  • Should I stay on campus or at private halls? What other options are there?

UCAS Accommodation Search answers all of these questions.

We know that accommodation is high on students' agendas, which is why it’s also high on ours. Our Accommodation Search Tool provides all the guidance students need. Plus it enables accommodation providers like you to effectively market your student digs

Get your brand noticed when students are actively searching for their perfect pad.



Student accommodation influences 80% of students when choosing their university or college

Listings are integrated into

It's a trusted place for you to advertise your accommodation to over 700,000 potential customers every year. By taking the hard work out of the student search, you make it an easy decision to choose your accommodation.

Whether it’s to increase your reach, or deliver a short term fix to fill rooms in a specific building, we can support your strategy. 

As well as visibility on the search site, your listings will also appear on relevant pages in, personalised based on keywords, locations searched and students' details, so we can tailor listings to the right people at the right time. 

51% of applicants started accommodation research more than 6 months before their studies began

Reach 700,000+ students who apply through UCAS every year

  • Be front and centre in students' minds as they start their early research 
  • Showcase your accommodation alongside useful, valuable, and trustworthy content
  • Beat the competition by listing your accommodation’s unique features (which students can search and filter by)
  • Remove any doubts about your accommodation by advertising inside a trusted resource
  • Make your students’ lives easier by promoting a single source of accommodation

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63% of students said the standard of their accommodation is very important for their wellbeing

How it works

Give students a straightforward way to find your accommodation and get in touch. All they have to do is choose their location and year of study. All you have to do is enter your details on our portal:

  1. List your room options
  2. Choose your imagery
  3. Add your pricing
  4. Highlight your selling points
  5. Describe your accommodation.

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