Increase workforce diversity and inclusion

Diversify your workforce to drive innovation and boost your reputation. Our unrivalled audience data and multichannel campaign services can help you understand and recruit talented students to meet your business goals.

Reach the hard-to-reach audiences

Locate diverse student and graduate segments with our precision-targeting campaign services. Over 200 audience profile filters include location, degree, qualifications and polar quintile – meaning we can connect your vacancies with applicants who will thrive in your organisation.

Engage the brightest minds

We’re a trusted name in the minds of Generation Z, which means we can help you stand out as a serious employer choice. With direct access to over 1,000,000 students and graduates each year, we can help you engage high-flying apprentices, interns and graduate recruits.

Drive innovation to gain market share

We can help you increase diversity and inclusion in your workforce, driving the innovation you need to succeed on a global scale. Reap the benefits of new perspectives and enterprising ideas, to set you apart from your competition.

The benefits of a diverse workforce

PwC’s most recent Global Diversity and Inclusion Survey (2017) found that 87% of business and human resource leaders were prioritising workforce diversity and inclusion. Alongside expanding your talent pool – making it easier to recruit – a diverse workforce increases perspectives, aids problem solving and drives business performance. What are you waiting for?
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An engaged audience

Actively searching for the career that’s right for them, our audiences trust what we say and are highly engaged with the communications we send on behalf of our partners.
  • Up to an 80% email open rate 
  • Over 7,800,000 unique email opens 
  • Over 400,000 unique email and display ad clicks 
Figures are from 2021 campaigns and student journey emails.

A diverse audience

We’re the first port of call for millions of individuals from all walks of life, exploring post-18 careers and education. This includes young people in colleges and sixth forms, as people who's advice they seek – their parents, teachers and careers advice.

Over 24,000,000 unique website sessions in 2022

65,000+ monthly users actively searching for their perfect role

Over 500,000 social media followers in 2022

What our partners say

“UCAS Media has allowed us to adopt a data centric and targeted approach to our early careers’ recruitment and attraction. The platform enables us to engage with relevant students with a host of different targeting tools and metrics. This has been fundamental with our recruitment marketing campaigns over the last 18 months.” 

Adam Turberfield Recruitment Marketing Lead, CapGemini

Tap into the graduate market

You might be surprised to discover that 88% of final-year undergraduate students haven't yet secured their graduate role (UCAS Careers Survey, 2021). They’re ambitious, enterprising and digitally savvy – brilliant connections to share your graduate roles and schemes with.
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