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Unique insights into student banking

Findings from our latest research into student banking are now available in our new Student Banking Reports. Based on surveys completed by c.9000 freshers from September 2023, the reports include data on market share, insights into decision making and students' perceptions on the cost of living. With commentary from UCAS’s team of experts, this unique report tells you everything you need to know about how this year’s cohort are planning to manage their finances.
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Three Reports for In-depth Understanding of Student Banking

Our annual survey into student banking preferences provides valuable understanding into how this young cohort plan to manage their money whilst living away from home for the very first time. It builds a picture of their financial behaviour and looks for trends that could inform your planning and improve campaign effectiveness. 


Banks – Market Share Report 
A personalised report for your bank. Gain competitive advantage by seeing your exact position in the market against named competitors.

Students Decisions & Experience Report 
Find out what influences student decision making when choosing a bank, including which incentives matter and the importance of brand. With students starting their research much earlier than ever before, this insight is vital. 

NEW – Cost of Living Report 
Understand how the cost of living crisis is affecting students and what’s worrying them the most. Learn what support they seek from their banks to help them through this uncertainty. 

NEW - How the cost of living crisis is impacting students' decision making

Given the current economic challenges posed by the cost of living crisis, UCAS have carried out additional research with the latest cohort. This year, we’re providing new insights from circa 9,000 students, including:

  • Their financial worries and concerns regarding the cost of living 
  • Their perceptions on the cost-of-living crisis and the factors that shape these
  • The ways in which they are seeking financial support to navigate this uncertainty

This new report reveals that young people are starting their research earlier than ever before, due to concerns regarding the cost of living when starting university. Learning about this mindset and behaviour presents a new opportunity for banks looking to understand the student audience and get ahead of the competition sooner.

Be better informed with UCAS' banking reports

Gain a better understanding of the drivers behind students banking decisions to enhance your marketing propositions with the benefits, incentives and support that they really want. 

With the cost of living crisis driving concern amongst students on how they can financially support themselves, students are considering their banking choices earlier than ever before and are more interested in part-time work.  

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