We can help you increase your applications across the full 18-month conversion funnel, from initial research, right up until acceptance. From discovery brand awareness activities to pre- and post-application campaigns, as well as Clearing, we help universities and colleges drive their student recruitment to the students who would love to choose them.

An engaged audience

Actively searching for the course and university that’s right for them, students trust our authentic messages and are highly engaged in our communications.

Up to 80% open rate for UCAS emails

6% average conversion rate from email to application

Over 222,000 click-throughs from emails to provider websites

Statistics are from UCAS journey emails and campaigns delivered in 2021.

Students know and love us

“UCAS is a trustworthy authoritative organisation when it comes to education and careers. I would trust anything with UCAS branding on it, even if it’s about another uni or organisation, because I know the information will be authentic and relevant to me.” 

Jasmin Ford, BA (Hons) Creative Writing, University of Gloucestershire

Over 200 audience profile filters

We know who we’re speaking to. From detailed information about location, background and interests, to where they are in their application journey – over 200 segmenting filters mean we can provide beneficial connections to the students who'll want to study with you. 
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How to increase applications


Understand your audience

Our student mindset surveys will help you understand who your customers are and how to reach them in the right ways. Discover how applications trends are changing, what students are thinking and feeling at each stage, and how you can share the information they're looking for.
Discover student mindset surveys

Engage future postgraduates and other specific audiences

Whether you’re looking to connect with particular groups, specialist subject prospects, international students or postgraduates, we can help you understand and reach new customers across the full conversion funnel. 
Reach specific audiences

Reach a huge, diverse audience

A trusted name in student minds, we can shine a spotlight on why your ideal customers should choose your institution. With 21m+ unique yearly website sessions (2021) and 1m+ pre-applicants each year – all searching for their perfect fit – we’re well placed to help you connect with the students who'll enjoy your courses.

Build lasting relationships

With increasing competition, putting a premium on your recruitment activities is essential. We can help you get your university or college discovered at the start of student application journeys, then deliver targeted campaigns to help nurture these groups through to application, Firm choice and enrolment.

Drive applications all year

1,000s of applicants now apply after the January deadline. Inspire potential applicants across the entire pre-enrolment journey – from initial discovery research to pre- and post-January deadline campaigns, UCAS Extra and Clearing. We can create a multichannel mix to help you engage and convert the students who'll thrive with you.