How to reply to your conservatoire offers

Thursday 19 December 2019, UCAS advice


How to reply to your conservatoire offers


If you’ve applied to a conservatoire, the next deadline to reply to offers is less than a month away. Some of our terminology can seem confusing at first, so we’ll talk you through what your offers mean and how you can reply to them!

Get on Track
To reply to your offers, first of all you need to log in to Track and select ‘Click here to view the current status of each of your choices’.

Here are the SIX different decisions you could see in Track:

Guaranteed unconditional (GU) – your place is confirmed and you don’t have any conditions to meet.

Guaranteed conditional (GC) – you need to meet certain conditions set by the conservatoire before your place is confirmed.

Reserve unconditional (VU) – you’re on the reserve list and if a vacancy comes up you won’t need to meet any conditions, the place will be confirmed.

Reserve conditional (VC) – you’re on the reserve list and if a vacancy comes up you will need to meet some conditions set by the conservatoire before the place is confirmed.

Audition pending (AP) – the conservatoire have invited you to attend an audition.

Unsuccessful – the conservatoire is not offering you a place.

First and second choices
Once you have a final decision from all the conservatoires you’ve applied to, the ‘Reply to Offers’ option will be available under your list of choices in red. After selecting this, you can reply to each offer – the options are ‘first choice’, ‘second choice’ and ‘decline’.

You can accept one offer as your first choice. If you’re accepting a reserve unconditional (VU) or reserve conditional (VC) you can have one second choice too, which can be any of your other offers.

If you accept a guaranteed unconditional (GU) or guaranteed conditional (GC) as your first choice then you can’t have a second choice.

Stay up-to-date
We’ll send you an email when there are any changes to your application, but to put your mind at rest it never hurts to keep an eye on Track. You need to reply by the date shown in Track, otherwise any offers will be automatically declined.

Once you’ve replied to your offers we’ll post you a letter to confirm this. Double-check all the information on this letter is correct, and if there are any issues call us as soon as possible.

If you have any questions about UCAS Conservatoires then have a look on our website or get in touch with our advisers on Facebook or Twitter.

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