Making the most of your time now you’ve accepted an offer

Tuesday 6 July 2021, UCAS advice


Making the most of your time now you’ve accepted an offer


The wait to find out if you’ve met the conditions of your offer can seem like it goes on forever. To take your mind off it, here are three things you can be doing right now.

1. Check your status in Track – find out when you’re likely to hear back, what your status means, and what you should do next. It may change over the coming months, so make sure you keep an eye on Track.

2. Familiarise yourself with Clearing and Adjustment – if you’re waiting for results, they may be better than expected, or they might not be quite what you were hoping for. Clearing and Adjustment are our services to help you find another place in either circumstance – understanding how they work now will make the process much smoother if you need it on results day.

3. Sort out finance – you’ll need somewhere to live and money to pay for it! We don’t arrange student finance, but we do explain the process and point you in the right direction to apply for student loans.

4. Start thinking about accommodation – you may need somewhere to live! Start checking with unis about available accommodation and dates you can apply. Have a look at these top tips on how to prepare for student accommodation, and check our our accommodation search.

If you’ve got any questions about your application, check out our info on or get in touch with our advisers on Facebook or Twitter.