Events management

Design and deliver music festivals, sporting events, conferences, and shows in this fast-paced, growing industry.

The UK events industry is a world leader in staging events, worth almost £40billion to the UK economy.

To work in this sector you’ll need to be organised and able to respond quickly to changing events and demands, as well as having excellent interpersonal skills.

Job opportunities for events management graduates include: managing events, conferences, and exhibitions in a variety of sectors like trade, business, arts, music and politics; managing hotels, pubs and other venues; working in outdoors events or education.

You could work your way up to senior management and/or being in charge of larger, high-profile events or set up your own events management business. 

The impact you could make
  • Be part of the team that brings the next Taylor Swift concert to the UK.
  • Work with a client on style, budget, and venue for their dream exhibition.
  • Travel the world designing and delivering trade events for a global marketing company.
What you could study
  • The events industry
  • Risk and safety management
  • Event budgeting and resources
  • Event marketing and communications
  • The experience economy
  • Developing, planning, and delivering tourism, hospitality, and events
  • Managing visitor attractions
  • Managing the sustainable event project
  • Managing people

Study options

Options to study in this field include:

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Example module
"The Event Experience, which was planning the event through a real venue and hosting it to the public. And I enjoyed Destination Entertainment, which showed the importance of location of the event, as well as the legal side of things."
Second year festival and events management student, Sheffield Hallam University
Example projects
"Live event project with a partner charity. Debate/panel discussion on the impacts of Eurovision. And a research report to analyse fatalities within event spaces; I chose to focus on the failings leading to the Manchester Arena bombing."
Second year events management and tourism student, University of Hertfordshire

Subjects it's useful to have studied first

Some events management courses or apprenticeships will have requirements for previous qualifications in certain subjects. Entry requirements vary, so always check with the provider.

Media studies
Hard skills you'll develop
  • Events management
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Safety standards
Soft skills you'll develop
  • Customer service
  • Communication
  • Leadership
  • Operations
  • Sales

Careers: Where it can take you

Find out more about your career prospects from studying events management. The following information is based on a typical events manager and organiser role.
Available jobs
65,556 vacancies in the past year
2.02% growth over next eight years
Average salary
Up to £63,783

What is a… delegate manager?

You may never have heard of a delegate manager but they play a key role in events, usually being the first point of contact for event attendees. They work closely with the event manager, and liaise with attendees over the phone, email, and social media. They’ll be on site during the event, helping people to register and find where they need to go, as well as organising things like welcome packs, name badges, and any ticketing or other instructions in advance. 

Getting in: Entry requirements

Find out more about what you'll need to study events management at university or as an apprenticeship.

Average requirements for undergraduate degrees

Entry requirements differ between university and course, but this should give you a guide to what is usually expected from events management applicants.

A levels
Scottish Highers
Other Level 3/Level 6 qualifications (e.g. Pearson BTEC Level 3 National Extended Diploma or SQCF Level 6) may be accepted as an alternative

The expert view

Joseph Charlton, founder of event sourcing and planning company, Planit
Festivals, brand experiences, sports events, massive conferences, cosy meetings, or those exclusive travel adventures... A career in events offers such variety, creativity, and excitement, no two days are ever the same. We craft memorable experiences that have the remarkable power to move and connect people, creating lasting impact.

Other subjects you may be interested in

Considering an apprenticeship?

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    You apply directly through the employer.
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    You're not restricted to one apprenticeship application; you can do as many as you like.
  4. Apply to university and apprenticeships

    There's nothing stopping you applying to university through UCAS, while also applying for apprenticeship vacancies.

A day in the life of a Hospitality Apprenticeship

92% of students
who did a work placement were very or somewhat satisfied with it
(UCAS subject guide survey 2023)

Explore further

Go deeper into topics around events management with the following:
  1. 7 precepts of successful event organisation

    Listen to Andrew Jose’s TEDx talk about what he learned after organising his first event at school.
  2. Conference News

    Follow Conference News for industry insights into sustainability, Net Zero goals, and videos featuring iconic British venues. 
  3. AAA Backstage: Sacha Lord

    If you want to hear stories of successful event managers and promoters, try this podcast episode with founder of Parklife festival Sacha Lord
  4. Association of Events Organisers

    Have a look at the resources section of the AEO website to understand more about the impact of things like Brexit, inclusion and Martyn’s Law (put into place following the Manchester Arena bomb) on the events industry.

Application advice

Whether it's personal statement tips or what to write in a cover letter for an apprenticeship application, our application advice will help you get ahead in your events management journey.
Skills, experiences, and interests to mention
  • What attracted you to this subject? Have you had experience organising an event at school or for a charity? What did you learn about yourself and potential careers in this industry?
  • Events managers need to be leaders – give examples of when you’ve successfully led a group of people, whether that’s directing a play, being a team captain or leading a Duke of Edinburgh award expedition.
  • Can you critique an event you watched or attended that was well organised? Why did it work so well? What qualities do you think the events manager or company had?
  • You’ll also need to be resilient and adaptable. What jobs or hobbies have you done that required these skills, like working in a busy bar or factory, or volunteering with people with additional needs.
  • Finally, think about time management and planning. Your A levels will be good examples of this. Maybe you’ve also had to plan for something outside of school, like a music exam, driving test, or even booking an extended travel trip? How do those skills translate to a career in events management?

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