Products as part of your capitation fee

Make full use of everything we offer for free or as part of your capitation fee. Promote your university or college. Access unrivalled data to understand your application position and identify historic trends. Streamline your systems and data returns.

Capitation fee

Customers of UCAS pay an annual ’capitation fee’ for our support and services. The fee is charged per cycle, regardless of when a provider joins UCAS.

Fees are charged based on the number of applicants ‘placed’ with a provider by the close of each admissions cycle. The fees are charged per applicant, with a minimum fee applicable for smaller providers.

The capitation fee is invoiced twice a year – 60% in August, and the remaining 40% in February.

Fees for the 2025 UCAS Undergraduate admissions cycle are:

Per applicant: £35.25 (including VAT)

Minimum charge: £3,755 (including VAT)

Boost your marketing and student recruitment

Get noticed by millions of students and their influencers each year. From open days listings and Accommodation Search to the UCAS International App and Clearing Plus, we can help you boost your student numbers across the full conversion funnel.

Marketing and student recruitment

Streamline your admissions activities

Simplify your admissions services, including your HESA returns. We bring fairness and transparency, with solutions that are more effective than ever before. From Confirmation and Clearing support to results processing, we’re here to support you at busy times.


Access unrivalled data insights

Give meaning and value to your data. Make it work for you. We put a wealth of practicable knowledge at your fingertips. From PERS and App Track to detailed End-of-Cycle Reports, use our data to help monitor your progress against your targets and goals.

Data and insights