Do you want to expand access to education and opportunities for underrepresented students? With our WP-focused consultancy offering we have the data and insights to ensure you meet your WP targets year on year.

WP Recruitment Benchmarking 

This analysis provides a clear set of fair benchmarks to understand your current performance levels and set futures targets to work towards for your WP target groups at both institutional and faculty level. The recruitment benchmarking can also help to inform the optimum offer-making approach towards WP students, aiding contextual offer-making. ​ 

What can you use it for?  

  • Identify which WP target groups to work with ​

  • Identify if and where you need to change your WP offer and pastoral support package​

  • Informs targets and objectives for your APP

What do you get?

Full written report with actionable short, medium and long term recommendations ​and a data file with benchmarks. 

WP Untapped Geographies  

Untapped Geographies helps you identify which schools/colleges you should be working with and which geographic areas you should target your marketing in to attract and convert WP students to your institution. It can also help you easily identify which schools/areas you should prioritise resources toward and how, to get the best ROI. 

What can you use it for? ​ 

  • Create geo-targeted advertising and emails targeted at WP groups​

  • Create your schools' liaison target list ​

  • Prioritise which UCAS events to send WP staff to, for specialist IAG support

What do you get?​ 

Full written report with actionable short, medium and long term recommendations and a data file with schools/colleges and areas categorised by each segment. 

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WP target group deep dive

If you have identified your target groups from the EORR but want to know more about them to develop your operational plans, we have a solution for you. 

What can you use it for? ​ 

  • Inform your targets and objectives for your APP​

  • Understand where to target marketing and outreach activities to attract these groups ​

  • Adapt student recruitment activity and comms to convert them

What do you get?​

Full written report with actionable short, medium and long term recommendations. 

WP-focused Student Decision Report

A bespoke Student Decision Report based on a set of provider-specific WP characteristics. This shows importance ratings by: 

  • Each decision factor 
  • The providers ratings for each factor, and 
  • Importance of the factor vs the provider rating.  

Competitor group reports can also be provided where competitor ratings and importance of each decision factor are compared to the providers.

What can you use it for? ​ 

  • Develop marketing and conversion plans for target groups​

  • Create tailored messages that resonate, so they convert

What do you get?​ 

Five-page Student Decision style report with bar charts, tables and matrix plots. 

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Bespoke WP Consultancy

If none of the previous solutions meet your needs, or you would like to undertake some analysis based on the new WP questions we can provide a bespoke solution for you. Our experienced team will work closely with your institution to develop a comprehensive plan to meet your strategy.  

Examples could include: ​ 

  • A Level attainment of WP vs non-WP students vs BTEC​ 
  • Full consultancy analysis and recommendations of bespoke WP SDR 

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