Make full use of everything we offer to recruit students this cycle. Compare yourself to competitors and the sector as a whole, identify and understand untapped prospects, and even benchmark the diversity of your applicant pool against your chosen institutions. Many products and services are included in your capitation fee.

Utilise real-time data insights

Application trends are changing, which makes real-time data insights essential to decision-making. Keep a keen eye on applicant behaviours throughout the entire process to help guide your next steps. 

Understand your exact customer groups

Understand your applicant pool – as well as new opportunities for growth – using over 200 audience profile filters, including background, location, interests, and more.

Access bespoke consultancy

Tap into our data scientists and consultancy teams to help you make sense of the numbers – so you can focus on what matters most. Reach the right students for your university or college.

How to access in-cycle data and insights


Enjoy unrivalled insights

We bring fairness and transparency to admissions, with solutions that are more effective than ever before. But do you know the full extent of what you’re getting for being part of UCAS? Monitor progress against your targets and goals, whether that’s intake volumes or WP statistics. Compare your position against your competition. Let our insights products help you reach the right students. 

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Over 30 years' experience

Over 30 years’ expertise – data scientists, policy experts and sector consultants – has been invested in designing our intuitive data products to help you carve out the strategies you need to meet your recruitment goals.