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Insight, experience and creative solutions from the HE specialists

Common questions we're asked:

  • Why are students picking our competitors?​

  • Which applicants are likely to accept or reject our offer?​

  • Where can we find new students that would most suit our institution?

Combining expert analysis, intimate knowledge of your industry, and a creative approach to problem solving – we’re uniquely positioned to provide data that translates into insight and tangible outputs.

Get real-time and historic data from around 700,000 applicants each year

Turn complex data into valuable insight

Our data science team, alongside the analysts and policy specialists, can tackle any challenge, no matter the size, complexity, or novelty.

Whether it’s complicated institutional challenges or immediate tactical challenges, we can bring the experience and unique market position of UCAS to focus on your challenge and provide robust and evidence-based outputs.

Get answers to your most challenging issues

  • Gain access to unparalleled HE information to support your strategies. 
  • Build a full picture of your provider’s market position by speaking to the experts.
  • Tackle old challenges in new ways, with creative data scientists pushing your boundaries.
  • Act with confidence using data-driven, evidence-based insight.
What others say

"It is easy to purchase large chunks of data, but the value is achieved in the analysis, context provided and recommendations.  The presentation of the recommendations was clear and concise with the right level of detail and that came across well. The slides were visual, and the information displayed in a clear way [which allows us to digest the information much easier].

Overall, the UCAS team have been great to work with and we are looking forward to our next project."

Teesside University

Examine historical data starting from 2017

How to get started

Bespoke data consultancy is all about you and the novelty of your challenge. All consultancy projects start with an initial chat and a kick-off meeting to establish exactly what you need to get out of the process to make it worthwhile - with no obligation if you change your mind. Once we agree on the approach, it’s time for our data scientists to get to work.

Contact us to discuss your requirements - we look forward to hearing from you.

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