Parents and guardians

Supporting your son or daughter

Practical advice to help you through the application cycle.

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You can also read more below on what to study and how to apply.

The main deadline for undergraduate courses is 18:00 (UK time) on 15 January - your son or daughter's application will need to be with us by this time to be given equal consideration. Different courses have other deadlines. If they are unsure which deadline applies to them, they can check when to apply.

How the application process works

This video covers how your son or daughter applies and makes decisions, and how you can be involved.

How to support your son or daughter

If you're a parent or guardian of someone applying through UCAS, this signed video will help.

The top 10 things your son or daughter should do

  1. Start research early – higher education has a lot of options to choose from.
  2. Know the deadlines – for some courses they need to apply almost a year in advance.
  3. Search for courses – something they would enjoy or be interested in.
  4. Go to UCAS events and course provider open days – speak with us or higher education staff.
  5. Check entry requirements – make sure they can get the grades they need.
  6. Write several drafts of their personal statement – get feedback and refine it until they're happy.
  7. Understand student finance – so they can make the best arrangements. Check our money advice for parents.
  8. Be prepared for results day and make sure they have everything ready.
  9. Understand how Extra and Clearing work – chances to apply to more courses.
  10. Visit our Facebook and Twitter regularly to get advice and ask questions.

How to apply after school or college

Find out below about undergraduate study and performing arts.