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Do you want to be at the centre of technical innovation, finding digital solutions to real-world problems? Then an apprenticeship may be for you.

What to expect as an apprentice in the digital, tech, or IT sector?

On a digital technology solutions degree apprenticeship, expect a programme lasting at least three years, with most employers offering a four or four-and-a-half year scheme. Your apprenticeship might include aspects of understanding business, programming and web development.

A higher apprenticeship in digital marketing will take at least two years to complete and could link into roles in digital marketing management, digital analysis or web product management.

What roles could an apprenticeship in this area lead to?

Here are some of the roles that are open to digital degree and higher apprentices on completion of the apprenticeship:

  • business analyst
  • IT consultant
  • cyber security analyst
  • cyber risk manager
  • data engineer
  • data analyst
  • software engineer
  • data scientist
  • UX manager
  • digital marketing manager
  • CRM manager
  • web analyst
  • social media marketing manager
  • digital marketing analyst

The opportunities on offer will depend on your experience, the pathway taken and the employer.

Average salary for a digital, tech, or IT apprenticeship

The average salary for an apprenticeship in the IT & Consultancy industry is £18,331, according to RateMyApprenticeship’s Top 100 Employers 2018-2019 - the third highest across sectors.

Top employers for digital, tech, or IT apprentices

Top employers for IT & Consultancy apprenticeships include BT (#9 across all sectors), Softcat (#10) – both making the top 10 – and Capegemini (#23).

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