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17. More Poetry Projections

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A project I have been working on recently has been putting together a collection of poems based upon the different things I've seen around my new city so far. It has been fun to put together up to this stage because the things which inspire the creative pieces vary and there is always something new to come up with. It means constantly being on the lookout for the next thing to use as a contribution and sometimes making lists and mind maps to see what would work best in the longrun. It's been especially useful too as I'm not the best creative writer, so having the room to experiment now is really valuable for the future. The name for this project is Poetry Projections, because the aim with each of these texts is to create a vivid image in your mind so that whilst you are reading it a projector is switched on somewhere in your head and you can see it; You can see exactly what has been captured.

There are several pieces that have been put together so far, but this is one of my favourites that I have produced up to this stage (hence why I wanted to share it with you). Poetry seems to be the best way to summarise a place built upon water because it really echoes the movement of such an element. The ebb and flow of words in short prose is the easiest way to go about producing that image, especially with how musical the rhythms make everything. For now, here is one called 'Stanley Fish' which was inspired by the name of one of the critics we have been reading and written in the style of a famous nursery rhyme - can you guess which one? I hope you enjoy it.
L. S. Lowry captures the busy nature of the human life; All those people going about their days unaware of one another
Stanley Fish

Stanley Fish was a decent man
A clever man
A proper man
Yes, Stanely Fish was a decent man
Who lived on Small Fry lane.

And he walked to work at a proper pace
Frown on his face
Standard business chase,
For Stanley Fish was a proper man
Who worked at Tuna Sales.

His day consisted of formal files
That took a while
To reconcile,
For Stanley Fish sorted formal files
To ship to a company in Wales.

But Stanley Fish was a thoughtful bloke
The type that folk
Would call Top Yolk
So Stanley Fish, as a thoughtful bloke,
Was certainly. Going. To. Choke.

So the proper man walks to work one day
Sorts through his files and earns his pay
Then turns around and finally says -
'My real name isn't even Stanley, it's Bill!'

Bill former Stanley
Was not typically manly
He works in an art studio in Haarlem
And he'll have you know
It's the place to go
If you want to both love 'em and 'leave him

He is done with the strife
Of his old business life
And the rushing and bustling and worry

Though sometimes he finds himself missing
His old life of filing and business and fishes -
Until he eats Herring.
And then he's ok.
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