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2:04:07 4 months ago 6 

This session unpicks exactly what to put in your personal statement, as well as unpicking the best way to represent yourself in an interview.

52:34 1 month ago 26 

Personal statement expert, Jane Marshall, explains what a personal statement is, what to include, and how to structure yours.

46:54 4 months ago 0 

Watch our Q&A to hear about all things veterinary with admissions experts in this field answering your questions.

49:58 4 months ago 3 

Experienced careers advisers, Sally Armstrong and Iwan Williams, answer questions and help you think about your careers.

53:08 4 months ago 0 

Ever wondered what a degree apprenticeship actually is, what is entails or the difference to a full time degree?

58:11 4 months ago 5 

Our two careers specialists are here to help you understand what league tables actually mean, the difference between them, and how to use them.

45:42 4 months ago 2 

In this session our panelists from Plymouth and Bristol answer all of your questions about applying for dentistry.

49:23 4 months ago 7 

Do you want to really understand exactly what is required to get into Oxford or Cambridge?

59:46 4 months ago 1 

If you're interested in studying one of the most competitive but rewarding courses out there, then this is the right place for you.