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Laura feels that it would be beneficial if there were greater student discounts on transport.

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Holly uses student discounts regularly but wishes that these were on offer for travelling around the city.

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We take a look at the average drive onto campus in many university cities.

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Tom and Mia give us a glimpse into their gap year travelling Asia.

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Tom and Mia give us a glimpse into their gap year travelling America.

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Ruby looks at how she gets out and about in London using local public transport.

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Tory explains why she wanted to move to come to university and what she enjoyed most about exploring her new city.

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Tory tells us how she got to know the area around her university campus.

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London student, Ruby shows us her favourite outdoor spots near her city campus.

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Contemporary student accommodation near central London. Spend time with friends in The Lyra Lounge or take in London's skyline on the roof top terrace

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Welcome to one of the newest student housing developments in Cambridge. The Railyard offers a completely different approach to finding student housing

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The Electra brings a touch of luxury to student accommodation in Liverpool; combining beautifully designed apartments and lively social spaces.

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Already a landmark building in Newcastle, The View – nicknamed the Blue Tower by locals – offers a new concept in student accommodation.

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The Arch in Liverpool perfectly combines the old with the new. The stunning 19th Century façade houses our new purpose built student accommodation.