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What is UKPASS?

UKPASS is an online postgraduate application service brought to you by UCAS. Find out where you can apply to through UKPASS.
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UCAS has been helping people to apply for UK undergraduate higher education programmes for more than 40 years. UKPASS was established in 2007 to provide an admissions service to help course providers recruit postgraduate students and give applicants a simple and efficient online application.

Through UKPASS you can apply for up to ten different postgraduate programmes at any course provider in the UKPASS scheme.

Course providers using UKPASS

University of Dundee
Edge Hill University
Islamic College for Advanced Studies
The London College, UCK
London South Bank University
Oxford Brookes University
Richmond, The American International University in London 
Royal Veterinary College, University of London
University of Westminster
The University of Winchester

Searching and applying for postgraduate courses

Check the postgraduate course search for details of how to apply for the courses you're interested in.

Find out more about applying through UKPASS and to other postgraduate courses.

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