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How can Hydrogen save the planet? Find out at our exciting virtual subject taster for sixth form and college students interested in Chemistry on Wednesday 24 March!
Wed 24 March 2021 - 16:00 to 17:00

Join us live at 4-5pm to learn more about the admissions process at University of Leicester and what studying Chemistry will be like. We have two live subject tasters you can tune into, along with our recorded content that you can view at your own lesuire 9am-9pm. Discovering sustainable methods for chemical synthesis.
Chemical synthesis provides us with useful molecules for a variety of purposes. From the materials in your phone to molecules that treat disease. In this talk, Dr Alex Pulis will showcase some of his research groups discoveries in making chemical synthesis more efficient and sustainable. Hydrogen, a green fuel?
Hydrogen gas (H2) offers great hope as a sustainable fuel of the future. In this talk I discuss some problems associated with hydrogen production, and how we can overcome these problems by taking inspiration from Nature. Your bodies produce H2 gas more efficiently than even the most advanced industrial catalysts: the aim of my research is to understand how.