Annual Admissions Conference 2018

Date and location
This event has now finished

Qualification reform update - deep dive into changes impacting on the 2018 and 2019 entry cycles

Tuesday 27 March 2018 16:25 - 17:25
Breakout session


The 2017 entry was the first time students holding reformed A levels across the UK applied to higher education. The phased introduction of this, and other qualification reforms, means significant numbers of students will continue to present mixed and new profiles for the next few cycles.

This session will explore the impact of qualifications reform to date, and consider ways to support in to 2018 and beyond. It will include:

  • a brief look back on 2017
  • a mini qualification reform roundtable, where delegates will be able to discuss how the education sector was prepared for, and responded to, qualification reform, including:
    • knowledge and preparedness for qualification reform
    • understanding of the school/HE sector responses
    • what went well, and areas for improvements
    • actions to take forward
  • a forward look to 2018, 2019, and beyond, looking at upcoming changes that will affect these cycles, and how the lessons learned from 2017 can help to inform and support the sector through the changes.