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Analytical data services

We are committed to creating data and analysis to better understand admissions to higher education.

That’s why we have become the largest publisher of analysis and data about HE in the UK, with around 1.5 million published data points in the 'Data and analysis' section of our website, which are freely available for re-use by anyone.

Analytical services

Our freely available published resources are designed to help with most questions about admissions. For more specialised analysis and data needs, UCAS and UCAS Media can provide commissioned analytical services. These can provide anonymised data to particular specifications, including the ability to provide anonymous data about the admissions outcomes of groups of individuals.


EXACT is a UCAS Media service that can create new data sets to a particular specification. It is based around a growing set of 90 variables, covering applicants and provision from our published data sets. These can be used to subset and specify UCAS Undergraduate data in any combination. Statistics including number of applicants, applications, offers, replies, and acceptances can be requested for the chosen specification.


STROBE is a UCAS service that can track individuals into the UCAS applications system, and report anonymously on their outcomes or characteristics at aggregate levels. Users can request different output measures or reporting categories, according to what is best for their data. STROBE is particularly suitable for anonymous evaluation of application and entry outcomes from groups of individuals who have taken part in activities designed to encourage entry to higher education. It can also be used to obtain anonymous statistics – including those available through the EXACT service – for any group of individuals.

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