How to become a firefighter: Izzy's story

Meet Izzy, 24, from Acton. Find out more about her life as a firefighter in London. Part of the BBC Bitesize World of work series.

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I'm really proud I get to keep London safe.

  • From the age of four, Izzy always wanted to be a firefighter. She loves helping people and likes being active.
  • At school she struggled with some subjects as she is dyslexic, but she really enjoyed PE. Her physical fitness is now a really important part of her role.
  • She became a volunteer fire cadet instructor, which developed her skills in communication, leadership and teamwork. Izzy works in a pair to attend incidents so these skills are essential.
  • Firefighting is much more than running into burning buildings. Izzy works with the community every day and attends lots of different incidents, from road traffic collisions to floodings and water rescues.

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