Read information and watch our video about what you can do in Apply for advisers.
Apply guide for advisers
A step-by-step guide for advisers on using Apply and where to go for more information.

In Apply for advisers, you can view and approve applications.

  • See all your applicants, every step of the way, from the beginning of the process, right through to completing and submitting their applications.
  • See which applications need a reference, references in progress, and those which are completed.

Find out how to:

Get started

You can view applications in different groupings, with statistics and statuses shown on the welcome screen.

  • These groupings might vary depending on your individual staff permissions.
  • The staff permissions are allocated by a coordinator at your centre.
  • First, the coordinator will set up Apply for advisers.
  • Then they’ll set your staff permissions and passwords.

Keep up with how applications are progressing

Your students will fill in the following sections; probably not all at once as there’s quite a lot of information required!

1. Personal details

2. Additional information (only for applicants living permanently in the UK)

3. Student finance (only for applicants living permanently in the UK)

4. Choices

5. Education

6. Employment

7. Personal statement

You can see the status of each section for each application – either not started, in progress, or completed. Once they’re completed, the applicant selects a payment method and sends the application to your centre. You can:

  • write and add a reference
  • approve applications and references
  • link applications to your centre – if an applicant is registered as an individual but would like to be part of your centre
  • send completed applications to us

Tips for using Apply for advisers

  • Use the links on the left-hand side of the screen to navigate between sections and find help text.
  • In the reference section, click the envelope symbol to send an email to the applicant.
  • Always use the sign out button when you’ve finished using Apply.


Before an applicant sends their application to you, they’re asked if they are happy for you to view their application after it has been submitted. If they agree, you can then use Adviser Track to follow their progress once you've sent the application to UCAS.

When everything is finished and you’ve sent us an application, we process it and send it on to their chosen universities and colleges.

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